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FAQ - Magnet Paint

Magnet Paint – FAQ Sheet

What is Magnet Paint? Magnet Paint is a new and improved water-based emulsion paint that contains very fine ferrous powder; because of this the paint is dark grey in colour. The ferrous powder within the paint creates an area which you can stick magnets to; however this is a ferrous compound and is not as magnetically receptive as a steel surface.

Is Magnet Paint available in any other colours? Magnet Paint is only available in grey due to the ferrous powder contained within the paint. However, Magnet Paint can be over coated with any colour of emulsion, black board paint or our dry-wipe paint – Sketch Paint; allowing the area to blend in with your existing décor.

Can I change the colour of Magnet Paint or tint it? Magnet Paint should never be combined with another paint product. Adding another colour to Magnet Paint will dilute its magnetic receptivity.

Does Magnet Paint have a smooth finish? Magnet Paint has a slightly rough finish once dry due to the ferrous powder. Over coating Magnet paint with an emulsion, a black board paint or Sketch Paint will allow for a smoother finish. Alternatively, Magnet Paint can be applied quite thickly and then smoothed off with a trowel before drying.

What size tins are available and what is the area they cover? The 0.5 Litre Tin covers approximately 1m˛ with three coats. The 1.0 Litre Tin covers approximately 2m˛ with three coats. The 2.5 Litre Tin covers approximately 5m˛ with three coats. The 5.0 Litre Tin covers approximately 10m˛ with three coats.

What should I do before I begin to apply Magnet Paint? Prepare your surface well; a clean, dust-free, solid, smooth area will give a better base for Magnet Paint. If the Magnet Paint is to be applied onto an untreated surface, such as wood, we recommend that you apply a primer or base coat first. Magnet Paint comes ready to use but if necessary, dilute with a maximum of 5% water. Mix the paint thoroughly with a stirring stick before you begin to apply. For full instructions please refer to the ‘TO USE’ section of the Magnet Paint Leaflet.

How should Magnet Paint be applied? Magnet Paint is best applied with a sponge roller which can be cleaned with soap and water after use. We recommend a minimum of three coats; adding more coats will increase the magnetic receptivity.

Which magnets are best to use with Magnet Paint? Lightweight magnets or large surface area magnets are recommended for use with Magnet Paint. Neodymium type magnets are advised for extra strong magnetism.

Is Magnet Paint safe to use in my home, school or office? Magnet Paint is a water-based, lead free, 100% acrylic latex coating. It conforms to environmental EC and VOC regulations. Magnet Paint produces low odour and allows for easy application and clean up. As the paint itself is not a magnet, but rather has magnetic properties (ferrous powder), it is safe to use in your home, school or office and will not affect your computer, TV, video or any other magnet-sensitive equipment.

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